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Welcome to CLYN Group Healthcare Recruitment - Your specialist provider of Health and Social Care recruitment services in the United Kingdom. we believe that everyone should be treated with utmost respect and dignity.

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We believe that everyone should be treated with utmost respect and dignity. Nursing care should be person-centered, negotiated, planned and implemented in response to physical, emotional, psychological, cultural and spiritual needs of patients or service users involved.  Health and Social care services should be affordable and accessible and so we work with our stakeholders and health and social care professionals to ensure effective and efficient health and social care service delivery in all our service areas.

As a family, we understand the need to be united in other to achieve more. We strive to build close relationship with our stakeholders while respecting their privacy and dignity and work collaboratively with them to understand their needs offering them personalised solution to meeting those needs. In supplying nursing and care staff or providing of other health and social care related services to our service users, we ensure that we understand the service requirements and responsibilities and provide the staff that are trained and experienced in those areas. This helps ensure that our service delivery are effective, efficient and of expected standard.

Our teams of consultants work round the clock and so always come around handy to assist you in meeting your demand and delivering your services at the expected service level with the highest quality and standard.

We have the expertise to match the skills of our professionals to specific requirements of our service users and this helps us to retain the trust our stakeholders have built in our service delivery as we continue to build our reputation. Our rates are also very competitive and we operate a robust and managed information system which helps us in providing you with the information and service you need in real time during our service provisioning.

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