Why you need to be part of CLYN Group Limited Healthcare service provider team?

Looking for a fresh challenge and a rewarding career with the added benefit of working for an employer who cares?
Come and work with CLYN Group Limited Healthcare team.  Working for CLYN Group Limited Healthcare team is not just a job. Here, our staff are part of the family.


As a registered and compliant team member, you will benefit from working with our professional recruitment consultants and client account managers, who are constantly seeking to match your skills and experience with the needs of our service users.

  • Shift Flexibility – Our system will update you and automatically allocate your assignment
  • Shift Availability – There are loads of shifts readily available and awaiting covers in different parts of United Kingdom
  • Regular Payment &  NextDay Payment [T&C apply]
  • Training and Support [T&C apply]
  • Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Teaching and Mentoring
  • Shadowing


We believe that there is always something for anyone and everyone. We are happy to build with you. We train and support you all the way and make your work as flexible as possible. We hold our workforce in high esteem and give them the much-needed advice and support as it relates to their choice of working environment, conditions of employment and productivity at the work place.


We know that agency registration can be a very challenging process and choosing the right agency to work with can be more challenging. At CLYN group Health and Social care we will work with you through and make the whole process an adventure.

We have set up a registration and compliance portal which we use to interact with you from the point of your first sign up until you complete your registration and book your first assignment.  You will also be assigned a consultant who liaises with the client account managers that will work with you and setup a recruitment plan that best suit your need. 

Download Applications Forms

1.  HCA Application Form

2. Nurses & Doctors


Are you an experienced Web/Application Designer looking for a new challenge? Look no further! We have an exciting opportunity for a Web/Application Designer with expertise in the WAMP/LAMP stack.

CLYN Group Limited is a specialist Nursing agency in the United Kingdom. Registered with the Regulation Quality and Improvement Authority, CLYN Group Limited, supply Registered Nurses to hospitals, nursing & care homes to all regions in Northern Ireland and the other parts of United Kingdom.

We are a people’s organisation and we pride ourselves in being innovative and forward-thinking. Our operational Head Quarters is at Filor Building, Northumberland Street. Belfast. BT13 2JF. Northern Ireland. We believe in pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering exceptional results for our clients. That’s where you come in!

As a Full Stack Web/Application Designer, you will play a crucial role in our development team, working on a wide range of projects that will test your skills and expand your knowledge. You will have the opportunity to work with industry-leading technologies and frameworks, collaborating with a talented team of developers, designers, and project managers.


Our team is made of professionals from various disciplines who have a wealth of experience in diverse sectors. We are now looking for a Full Stack Web application designer who understands our business model and is willing to be part of our team as we expand from Northern Ireland to other parts of the UK.

An exciting position has arisen for a self-motivated, enthusiastic, and well-organised individual to join CLYN Group Limited as a Full Stack Web Application Designer. Working with the management team, you will be required to provide direction in the IT developmental strategy of the business. The need for automation to enable integration of the operations, processes, and silo applications currently in use.
CLYN Group is proposing CLYNBIDS PROJECT 2030 a 7-year project targeted at developing an Enterprise Resource planner automated and customised for her business operations across the United Kingdom. This will ensure efficient and effective management of the systems.



Job Title

Web Application Designer


England & Northern Ireland. But could extend to Scotland & Wales

Job Role

Web application Designer

Accountable to


Contract Type

Permanent – Full time

Starting Salary (£)

£12.00 per HR

Hours of Work

37.5 Hours

Start Date

To be agreed

NOTE: You will be supported internally and externally by our team of consultants and experienced professionals in the different departments as you carry on in this role. Training will be provided as at when needed.


You may be required to work between the office, home, or customer location, to meet operational needs (and to comply with Covid guidance). However, all working from home requires an authorisation from the manager.



The ideal candidate must have experience in working in a similar role. The candidate will be a person of integrity and good character and must be physically and mentally fit to take on the role. 

In addition, the candidate will

1. Have a valid permit to work in the United Kingdom.
2. Be able to provide a valid DBS certificate or Police check report from Overseas.
3. Valid Qualification or IT certification Certificate.
4. Have a satisfactory employment history and references, together with a written explanation of any gaps in employment from school leaving age.


If you have a disability and require assistance with your application or at an interview, please contact us immediately to discuss.


Compliance Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Monitoring and Management of workers’ registration and recruitment process to ensure alignment with organisation objectives and regulatory requirements via a web application system.
  • To periodically assess workers’ records to identify any incomplete or missing details and flag for correction via a web application system. 
  • To work collaboratively with the operations and recruitment team to ensure that only fully compliant staff are cleared and booked on assignments.
  • To work collaboratively with the Registered Manager and Registered person to ensure that the agency meets the requirements set by the regulatory bodies via web portal management. 
  • To ensure strict adherence to standard Employment Check for all candidates seeking work in the UK via a web application system.
  • To identify business opportunities and to gather and pass on sales lead information to the management.

Management Duties

  • Development of web-based applications for the management of various aspects of the organisation activities. 
  • Oversee the development and deployment of software acquired by the organisation.
  • To provide technical support to other divisions in the business.
  • Manage IT and Information security of the organisation.
  • Support the IT team in developing strategy for the development of an ERP for the management of the business operations.


  • Education/Qualification: Educated to First Degree Level ‘C’ (or equivalent), An IT certification qualification or membership or willing to work towards it, IT/Web Security certification or working towards it.
  • Experience/Knowledge: You should have a strong background in full stack web/application development, with expertise in the WAMP/LAMP stack. Your experience should include developing scalable and secure web applications, creating and consuming APIs, working with front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as back-end technologies like PHP, Python, or Ruby.
  • Technical Proficiency: You should be proficient in both front-end and back-end development. Familiarity with popular front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js is highly desirable. Experience with popular back-end frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Django, or Ruby on Rails is also preferred. Additionally, knowledge of database systems such as MySQL or MariaDB is essential.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: As a Web/Application Designer, you should have excellent problem-solving abilities and be able to architect and implement complex features with efficiency and maintainability in mind. You should be able to optimize code, identify performance bottlenecks, and ensure high-quality deliverables across the entire stack.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Strong communication skills are essential in our team-oriented environment. You should be able to effectively communicate technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders and collaborate with cross-functional teams to achieve project goals. Additionally, experience working with version control systems like Git and using Agile methodologies is a plus.
  • Continuous Learning: Technology evolves rapidly, and we value developers who have a passion for learning and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends. You should be eager to explore new tools, frameworks, and techniques to enhance your skills and contribute to our team’s growth.
  • Personal Qualities: Confident in own judgement, Inspires confidence in others. Ability to remain calm and polite under pressure. Able to work autonomously and within a team. Ability to think proactively and manage time effectively.
At CLYN Group Limited, we offer a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits package, and a dynamic work environment that encourages innovation and personal development. You’ll have the opportunity to work on exciting projects for renowned clients, making a real impact with your technical expertise.
If you are a passionate Web Application Designer with a strong foundation in the WAMP/LAMP stack and are ready to take on new challenges, we want to hear from you! Join our team and be part of an organization that values creativity, collaboration, and continuous improvement.
Apply now and unleash your full potential as a Web Application Designer at CLYN Group Limited!
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